15 Years of kybun – Celebrate With Us! (Promotion Week 6: 12 – 18 August*)

You are more than a number to us!

If you are healthy, your age is just a number. Unfortunately, the older we get, the more likely we are to experience problems with our locomotor system. The Heidelberg Centenarian Study showed that 70% of centenarians can no longer walk, which massively limits their independence.

The healthy kybun solutions enable you to enjoy a healthy and pain-free life, even in old age.

Promotion Week 6: 12 – 18 August*

Start benefiting today: the older, the better

This week your age is more than just a number, it is the discount you can claim on every second kybun model you purchase.

Your advantage this week:
your age is your personal health discount (e.g. 76 years old = CHF 76 discount).

How do you get your discount?
Claim your individual discount when purchasing a second pair of kybun shoes in one of the participating shops.
Simply find your nearest shop and claim your discount!

Benefit from this event in the following shops:

Participating shops*
  • kybun & Joya Köln
  • kybun & Joya Frankfurt
  • Herzog & Heckmann: Gesunde Bewegung Osnabrück
  • kybun & Samina Shop Freiburg
  • Gesunde Bewegung - kybun Shop Offenburg
  • ALPHA Christliche Buchhandlung
  • Schuh-Sommer Winterbach
  • ALPHA Buchhandlung Gießen
  • Vita Regia Görlitz
  • Orthopädie-Schuhtechnik Adler Emmendingen
  • Well & More Sarl Mertzig
  • Foot Solutions Köln
  • Foot Solutions Düsseldorf
  • Léoman SAS Louvignies-Quesnoy
  • kybun Shop München
  • Haus der guten Taten Berlin
  • kybun Joya Compact-Shop Roma-Tomacelli
  • kybun Joya Shop Barcelona
  • kybun Joya Benidorm
  • Medishop Helsinki
  • Medishop Oulu
  • Medishop Turku
  • Kybun Solutions Zoeterwoude
  • Herzog: Gesunde Bewegung Stuhr-Brinkum
  • Herzog & Heckmann: Gesunde Bewegung Osnabrück
  • kybun & Samina Shop Freiburg
* Discounts can only be claimed in the partner shops listed above, not via the kybun online shop